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Posted by joshuafoss
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TRASH: anycoloryoulikeit

New York City artist Adrian Kondratowicz talks trash in a very colorful way… over the past two years, he has partnered with local businesses to draw attention to environmental awareness through his installation entitledTRASH: anycoloryoulike.  The concept is simple and effective… brightly colored garbage bags with polka dots are placed in dense urban areas, giving waste a dynamic sculptural presence that makes it hard to ignore.


The mission of the project is to accomplish these goals:

  • Art Accessibility
  • Urban Beautification
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Color Therapy in Public Spaces
  • An Exercise in Perception


In addition to their flamboyant hues, the bags are 100% biodegradable and naturally scented to repel insects and vermin.  They have been used throughout New York City and in several countries around the world.  Custom colors can be ordered through the project’s website HERE.


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