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Posted by joshuafoss
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Flow 2 the Kitchen

Let’s all set aside a moment and just go with the flow… actually, let’s kick it up a notch and double the flow to a level of Flow 2… Now what in the world is Flow 2, and why in our right mind would we want to go there?  Well friends, it happens to be a pretty stellar design concept where technology and nature meet in the form of a kitchen, and yes, we definitely want to go there because, well, it’s just that awesome!…

Flow 2 was produced by Dutch design duo John Arndt and Wonhee Jeong, who together make up studio GARM, a firm that creates everything from tea boxes and bike bags to architectural build outs.  Amongst all of their great designs, Flow 2 is definitely a highlight… it is a functioning example of thoughtful solutions that rethink everyday scenarios like cooking, eating and waste… you know, just things that all of us do every day…

The Flow 2 design looks a bit primitive, but it is in fact jam packed with all sorts of innovative design features… check out this image below for some info on how the kitchen functions…

Pretty cool, eh!?!  All that good stuff crammed into such a simple design…

What I love about this concept more than anything else is how it approaches kitchen design from a systems perspective… it mimics water and waste flows found in the natural world…One can store food without using energy, grow food and water it with waste from another process in the system, use the space to prepare and cook food, then create an opportunity for enhanced biodegration of compostables which can be used as fertilizer for the plants… This takes the idea that you can ‘live in the kitchen’ to a whole new level! The only things missing here are a compostable toilet and a deck of cards!

Here’s a closer shot of the dish drying rack that irrigates the greenage… having it hang vertically also saves counter and storage space for other necessities…

The cutting board slides open to easily allow scraps to be dropped into the vermicomposter, which uses worms to speed up the natural composition process… the white tray at the bottom collects finished castings, which can then be used to feed your hungry houseplants…

And here’s another look at the food storage bins, which are made of unglazed earthenware with beech wood lids… water is poured in between two layers of the ceramic box, which slowly evaporates through the outer wall, creating a cooling effect on the inside… perfect for fruit, eggs, and veggies… yum!

photos from studiogorm.com

No aspect of this concept was left without consideration… take the gas cooktop as an example, which was carved into a beautiful flower motif to further enhance the relationship between us and our food… I dig!

So yeah, a pretty engaging example of how natural systems can be better incorporated into our daily lives.  This specific design certainly needs refining before making its way into our households… You know things like the sink being connected to the wall and faucets would be nice, but you can’t have it all, eh?  Regardless, things like vermicomposters, natural refrigerators and the dish drying rack/herb plant combo are all low tech solutions that could easily be introduced into kitchens throughout the world… Ok, enough writing for me… I’m hungry, gonna go make myself a nice veggie sandwich!

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