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NE Minneapolis Townhome

Thrive did a major renovation on this townhouse in Minneapolis.  Virtually a gut remodel, we completely redesigned the kitchen and main living space, salvaging many of the design components and introducing cutting edge green materials while improving the air quality through the addition of toxin-free paints and houseplants.

In the kitchen we rearranged all of the cabinetry, saving valuable time, resources, and money.  We refaced the cupboards with formaldahyde-free MDF and coated them with a Zero-VOC metallic paint.  New recycled-content porcelain tile was installed on the floor. The counters are EcoTop, a brand new surface made of FSC certified bamboo and recycled paper, arguably the greenest market-based countertop in the world.  This happens to be the first residential install of EcoTop in the country!

The living room recieved the ‘Thrive’ treatment as well.  We created a modern-yet-inviting space for the homeowners, introducing sustainably harvested furnishings and a fresh coat of Zero-VOC paint for the walls.  The fireplace was completely redesigned as well, pulling in the porcelain and glass tile from the kitchen.  All in all, a pretty significant transformation from a drab ‘McDonalds’ looking environment to one that was modern, sophisticated, eco-friendly and full of life.

Photography by Andrews Photography