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MCAD Sustainable Design

Thrive principal Joshua Foss leads the Introduction to Sustainable Design course for Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s groundbreaking Master of Arts in Sustainable Design, which has been developed exclusively for busy working professionals using an online platform.  The program engages a global community of students and faculty to work together to develop collaboration, leadership, design strategy, and problem-solving skills that are then applied to innovatively solve humanity’s most pressing environmental and social sustainability challenges. Courses are applicable for anyone involved in graphic, packaging, and product design, including designers, brand managers, product planners, buyers, and executives.

Josh’s Introduction to Sustainable Design offers a comprehensive look at various hands-on and holistic approaches to sustainability and covers a wide range of subjects, from leading sustainability frameworks and design principles, to alternative progress indicators, analysis of economic, social and environmental sustainability, effective ways of communicating and marketing sustainability, and regenerative principles that extend beyond sustainability. More information on the program can be access HERE.

The following captures some of the feedback for Josh’s course, which were included in an anonymous course evaluation:

I was expecting a general introduction and overview to sustainability. Josh provided this and so much more.  The amount of truly informational, educational, and most importantly, inspirational material was simply over the top. I would literally walk away from readings and assignments with joy, inspiration and motivation (rather than drudgery and thoughts of “ugh, I’m glad I got that assignment off of my plate”). Granted, the topics were sometimes not so light-hearted, after all – sustainability is not always uplifting. But Josh did such an amazing job of presenting so many different pieces of the puzzle that each week you walked away with numerous new insights into a topic and the eagerness to learn and build on that knowledge in the coming weeks.

Simply put, Josh presented so much amazing content. It was evident how much time he spent organizing the course each week so that it was digestible, and in a way that each week would build on the next. It has truly been an amazing learning experience.

The course content blew anything I could have imagined out of the water. It was specific, memorable and valuable on personal and applied levels. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

This course was very challenging and thought provoking, and the material moved a long at a very quick pace so that things stayed interesting.

I just want to thank Josh for being such an inspiration this semester and putting so much work into the course.  He made the experience of an online course feel very personal – from the way he was so approachable to the way he designed assignments to help all of us get to know one another.  Really a fabulous semester of learning.

As a core component of the course, Joshua has created a series of weekly video lessons and has shared them publicly on his YouTube station… below is the first in the series, which will ultimately encompass 7 separate lessons exploring the essential components of sustainable design. Please follow the link here, or click the YouTube icon to the left to gain access to the others (and quick note… videos are best viewed in HD).