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Larry vs. Harry

While earning his master’s degree in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability in 2011, Thrive’s Joshua Foss worked with Copenhagen-based cargo bike manufacturer Larry vs. Harry on a group research project. During this project, the research team corresponded with Larry vs Harry and created a sustainability analysis of the company’s product line and business model. The team analyzed the material and product life cycle of the Bullitt, as well as offered a series of recommendations of how Larry vs Harry could strategically communicate its sustainability credentials more effectively, mitigate existing impacts, and engage strategic dialogues with various stakeholders.

It was identified that as the Bullitt cargo bike is ultimately intended to replace environmentally, socially, and economically degrading automobiles, the most important component of Larry vs Harry’s development is to grow their market as rapidly as possible. Cultural and infrastructural barriers proved to be the greatest hurdles in Larry vs Harry’s broader success, but with many cities throughout the world advancing bike ridership and supporting legislation, the Bullitt is poised to take a leading role in the global cargo bike market.

For more information on the legendary Bullitt, check out this fantastic video profile below by Cities for Cyclists or via Larry vs Harry’s website HERE.

One response

  1. Kayt says:

    Here in Coronado I see a bunch of homemade attempts of a bike and cargo setup like these, and they looks SOO useful! The sky is the limit! It would be great to see one on the market for us now so “garage built invention” savvy folks 😉