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Gold’n Plump Company

Thrive worked on a contract project with Minnesota-based poultry producer Gold’n Plump Company in the summer of 2011 with the aim of establishing an ideal vision of what the organization might look like if it were compliant with The Natural Step’s sustainability principles. This vision, which built upon GNP Company’s own 4P philosophy of People, Planet, Poultry and Progress, incorporated a systems analysis of how energy, water, and waste could be managed with minimal adverse impacts. The report also analyzed various characteristics of what the organizational culture would need to be if these ambitious goals were to be approached.  The project was initiated for internal use at GNP to help guide their strategic planning towards sustainability into the future.

To learn more about GNP Company’s efforts within sustainability and social responsibility, check out their fantastic Farm to Fork Report, an annual publicly-accessible document which spells out all the initiatives undertaken within a given year.