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Posted by joshuafoss
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Vakre Hotellet i Juvet

So check out the Juvet Landscape Hotel in Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway.  It is one of the most striking developments I have ever laid eyes upon.  Designed by Jensen and Skodvin Arkitektkontor, the hotel features 10 detached buildings with unobstructed views of the gorgeous rugged Norwegian scenery, harmoniously marrying Nature and modern design…. Let’s just go ahead and jump into some of the photos, shall we?


mmmmm… I think I’m in love!

The Juvet was brought about by a collaboration between Norway’s National Tourist Routes Association, the architects at Jensen and Skodvin, and landowner Knut Slinning… The project was constructed with a budget of $1.28 million dollars and looks to make a lot of that money back during the high season of tourism, offering 5 day packages that include guided hikes, rock climbing, and river rafting adventures.

Each of the 10 unique buildings features a floor-to-ceiling glass wall, fully engaging occupants to the wilderness of the western Norwegian fjords….




Photo credits courtesy of JSA.

So yeah, I’m 75% Norwegian… pretty sure that the homeland is calling me!  Anyone up for a Scandinavian adventure?


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