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Posted by joshuafoss
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European Mossenger

Alright, this might be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a good while… British design duo El and Abe have made a name for themselves by creating incredible art installations with unique, renewable materials… Their strongest series to date involves words and quotations composed of moss placed in unique/industrial settings within European cities.

Nourish… installed on a wall full of graffiti.


This was taken from El and Abe’s manifesto:

“Of foremost importance to us is an awareness of materials. These materials simultaneously dictate their own message, and eloquently uphold our message and principles.

We aim to
Utilize readily available, renewable materials
Reuse materials/ objects
Give life to ‘expired’ matter, introducing the opportunity for cradle to cradle design.

Our inspiration arises in equal measure, from the seemingly disparate landscapes of the City and the Wilderness.”


There is something magical happening here with the contrast of textures… the refined moss gives its decayed backdrop new life, as if the past 100 years of neglect were intended for this modern installation… an amazing and simple way to compliment architecture that’s left for dead.  More information HERE.



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